Toyota Innova auto 2000cc

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Toyota Innova auto 2000cc
Toyota Innova auto 2000cc for rent in Kuching


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Toyota Innova auto 2000cc

Daily:  RM260

Weekly: RM1680

Monthly: RM3680


Term and Conditions


Please refer to Terms and Conditions




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Terms & Conditions

1. Rates quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and subject to change without prior notice.

2. The minimum rental charge is one day (24 hours period). Call for quote if long term.

3. The rental rates include full indemnity for accidental damage to third party property. However, in line with the commercial insurance practice, the customer is always responsible for an amount equivalent to the excess clause not exceed for Group A (RM2,000), Group B (RM5,000) and Group C (RM10,000).

4. The customer is reminded that underbody and overhead damage is at their own risk at all time. All insurance is void if vehicles are driven on unsealed and unmade roads or surfaces.

5. All parking fees or traffic fines incurred during the rental period will be the responsibility by the customer.

6. In addition to the rent charges, the customer is required to have a cash deposit as a guarantee of proper usage of the vehicle for the entire duration of the contract, sum which will be reimbursed if no damage is notified on its delivery.

7. The customer is responsible to return the vehicle for servicing and maintenance every 5000 Km, any damage to the vehicle due to late maintenance will be responsibility of the customer.

8. The customer is responsible to pay monthly rental beginning on the date of delivery vehicles and thereafter on or before the date of the same generic each succeeding month. We reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement if the customer fails to make payment at the time specified.

9. Rental payable are non-refundable if vehicle is return earlier than the booking time.

* Pickup point and return point that are too far away from the predefined location will incur additional surcharge

*Additional charges will incur if vehicle did not return on the agreed time

* We reserve the rights to amend / cancel the booking.



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